Honey soy vegetables sprinkled with sesame

Between the to-do lists of life, there needs to be a moment when time stops – when you can catch up with life and live a little (see Wendy Macnaughton’s amazing take on the to-do list, picture below)

One such moment comes when you eat a crispy ‘something’ oozing with the sweetness of honey and the savory taste of soy. The contradiction of the flavours confuses you, your logical mind instantly wonders how this contradiction is making sense, you get further confused, you apply random logic but discard it for being silly (which it is), you get tired and ultimately resign to the pleasure that is the honey soy glazed vegetables/chicken sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Here’s how we do it: Cooking time 20 mins, Serves 3-4

Heat 3-4 tbsp of oil and add 2-3 dried chillies, 4-5 finely chopped/squashed garlic cloves and 1″ finely cut ginger. Saute for 3-4 mins and remove the chillies from the mix. If you do not prefer bits of garlic/ginger in your food, you may remove them from the flavoured oil now (I prefer to leave them in).

Add 2 tbsp rice wine vinegar, 1/4th cup soy sauce, 1/4th cup brown sugar and 1/2 cup honey to oil in pan. Stir to dissolve brown sugar, bring to a boil, then turn heat off to let glaze thicken. When it’s cool enough, taste for salt and pepper and season accordingly.

On the side, toss vegetables of your choice (I used 2 carrots, 5-6 button mushrooms, 10-12 long beans and 5-6 baby corn) with corn starch. Tap off as much excess corn starch as you can. Pan fry (or deep fry) these vegetables over medium high heat. If you decide to deep fry the coated vegetables, then leave them in the oil for about 7-8 minutes for the right crispness. Drain on paper towels.

Toss warm vegetables with thickened sauce. Sprinkle with roasted sesame seeds, chopped scallions and (garlic and pepper flavour/roasted salted) peanuts. You may try this recipe with diced boneless chicken pieces as well! Enjoy 🙂

Each weekend is an inspiration to ‘think about the meaning of life’ (every Monday morning), week after week! Had an amazing such weekend with lovely friends and family when I watched 2 movies, had 2 beautiful dinners, cinnamon milk at 3am and all day lazing – all in 48 hours. What was your weekend all about?

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