Fish cooked in wine (with rocket, tomatoes and capers)

What do fish and meditation have in common? Apparently both are brain food. I knew you wouldn’t really believe me. So check this out ‘meditation increases brain size, the Harvard Gazette’ (you’ll believe them won’t you?). So what sounds more fun? Trying really hard to focus your thoughts on ‘nothing’ in deep silence, or tasting this triple layered fish dish – both solve the same purpose really. Yes, I thought so too – so here’s the recipe!

Toss a bunch of rocket leaves into warm water and clean thoroughly. Transfer them into icy cold water to keep the leaves crisp. In the meanwhile, toss the fish (300gms) in salt, pepper (to taste) and 2 tbsp olive oil and let the fish sit in the mix for 10-15 mins. I like to cut the fish into smaller pieces when I cook it.

Heat a non-stick pan and add 2 tbsp of oil, half a cup of white wine and 1-2 drops of fish sauce. Let the concoction heat up and pan fry the fish until golden brown on both sides. The fish should have soaked in the wine by the time it’s done on both sides. If the fish isn’t crisp brown yet, add a bit more oil/sprinkle drops of water to avoid the fish from sticking onto the pan. Remove the fish when done.

On a separate pan, toss a handful pumpkin seeds and roast them. Add 1 finely chopped tomato and sprinkle fresh basil and salt and pepper to taste. If you substitute the pumpkin seeds with pine nuts, just add the pine nuts on top of the dish without roasting them.

Plate up now. Drizzle a few drops of honey and olive oil into the rocket leaves and spread them in the centre of the plate. Add the fish pieces and tomatoes on top. Garnish with capers for that tang! Enjoy.

Finish dinner/lunch with a peanut butter and Himalayan apricot jelly sandwich like my husband and I just did! We watched the Iron Lady on DVD and enjoyed this sumptuous meal. Who is your food mate, who makes every meal more special than it is?

Inspired or irritated?

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