Silken poached eggs with asparagus

When the going gets tough, the egg yolks should get flowing. There is nothing absolutely nothing more comforting than warm soft eggs. Okay, maybe a warm yolk comes close…Having said all this, today happens to be a beautiful day. There isn’t anything to be unhappy about. The weather is beautiful and it is therefore, all the more reason to cook eat and share beautiful poached eggs with asparagus (and bacon, if you’re really happy and non-vegetarian) 🙂

Cooking time: 10 mins, Serves 1

How to poach an egg: Heat about 3 inches of water in a deep pan. Watch out for the tiny bubbles on the bottom of the pan that indicate that the water is just about to start bubbling soon. You don’t want to cook the egg in boiling water. Add about 2 tbsp of vinegar into the hot water.

Take a large spoon and start swirling the water in one direction. Keep stirring until there is small depression in the centre of the water. Break the egg in a small bowl so that you are able to drop it into the water slowly. Slowly drop the egg from the bowl into the centre of the water and watch the motion of the water bind the egg beautifully. I searched far and wide to share a video of how to poach an egg – after many imposters trying too hard – I found the perfect link! Check it out here (Source: BBC Good Food).

Wait for about 2 mins and check how done the egg is. It should not feel fluid, just soft enough to not break. When done, pick up the egg with a soup/Chinese spoon. Place the egg on a dry and clean cloth to drain out excess water. Repeat with the second egg.

To cook the asparagus, steam it until crisp-tender (handy word!) for about 4-5 minutes. Add a little butter/olive oil into a pan, toss in the asparagus, salt, pepper and a pinch of parsley. Mix will for another minute and remove from the pan. You want to asparagus to stay nice and green. Could you imagine that there is a website dedicated to asparagus? Some things really get what they deserve 🙂 Check it out here.

Drool, plate up and eat!

What is your ‘rainy day’ food? Something fried, something sweet or something else? Here are some shots from the beautiful rainy day:

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