Raisin/Cranberry Scones

Contributed by Laetitia

Time to get cosy on a Sunday afternoon… why going to a cold and without-charm 5-star when you can invite your friends for a very girly afternoon tea… Besides tea and coffee, a “must-bake” is definitely the traditional British Scones… as an indulgence calls another one, do not hesitate to add nice and fresh toppings, chocolate sauce (dark or white), whipped cream and caramel sauce for… the greedy ones… salty butter; fresh blueberries, raspberry jam and mascarpone to keep your conscience (and weight machine) happier! 😉

Scones can be made plain; or with different flavours; I do like adding dry fruits like kishmish, dry cranberries or dry figs… some others prefer chocolate chips (try the white ones combined with raspberries).
So this is the recipe for kishmish/cranberries scones…
-500g maida
-2 big spoon of baking powder
-1 pinch of salt
-80g crystal sugar
-100g butter
-20cL milk
-2 eggs
One day in advance, put the kishmish; dry cranberries; dry figs in warm water… to blow them up. (they will be softer).
1. Pre-heat your oven (200 degrees).
2. In a salad bowl, add the maida and baking powder after “sifting” them (to make it lighter).
3. Do not melt the butter but let it soften progressively for 30 minutes out of the fridge; cut it in small pieces and add it to the maida…mix properly the ingredients with your hands/fingers.
4. Whisk/beat the eggs ; pour them into the salad bowl.
5. Add homogeneously the toppings (kishmish or cranberries or figs or chocolate chips etc.)
6. The preparation should be soft (like a pie pastry) and forms a big ball.
7. Put some maida on the table and spread the preparation on it (as if you make a pie, but it has to be thicker, 2cm or more if you like your scones bigger. Obviously their size will increase while baking…)
8. Use a metal glass to delimit the circles of the different scones
9. Add a bit of milk or the egg yolk on their top (in order to get a nice colour once baked).
10. Put them one by one on a butterned cooktop. Bake them for 10-15 minutes…
11. If you dont eat them right away… warm them a bit before degustation!
Bon appétit! And dont forget… “Love and Scandal are the best sweeteners of Tea” (or after the Scones…).See More

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