One week in Greece

This is no ordinary post. I just landed at Mykonos and am staring into the white and blue landscape that Greece is all about. But it is also about so much more. There are not many places in the world where cameras and words fail. A 1000 pictures cannot capture what I see. I will tell the story of Greece through its food. There is no better way to tell it. By the end of this post you would know the top things to eat while visiting Greece, and work up an appetite!

Here is a disclaimer already. Greece has amazing sea food to offer, however as I’m not much of a sea food person, this is my lust list. Just mine 🙂

#1 Crete salad: Notice the vibrant colour and favours…purple black olives, fluffy white feta, sweet juicy red tomatoes and authentic rustic rusks! Sprinkled with oregano and parsley

#2 Crushed cherries hidden within the oh-so-famous vanilla flavoured gelato. Served up in a cone 🙂 Simple blissful.

#3 Chicken salad with sweet corn, sun dried tomatoes and lettuce. Simple and stunning. Laced with olive oil, salt, pepper and lime. Perfect with a glass of Sangria or Rose wine.

#4 Creamy, cheesy and meaty. Imagine a whole potato, topped with minced lamb and completed with a top layer of mince and eggplant. A Greek classic. Makes you warm right to your core. Real soulfoood 🙂

#5 Chicken breast cooked in tomatoes, wine, mushrooms, olives. Served with chunky fries. It was love at first sight.

#6 Freshly made cheese cake with champagne for breakfast. There is heaven on Earth, and this is how you get there!

#7 Sweet spread waiting every morning. At the Cavotagoo hotel, Mykonos

#8 A break from the usual. Enjoy sumptuous burritos at the Restaurant Appaloosa, Mykonos

#9 The Nammos restaurant only offers a beautiful view and a midnight dip in the clear sea. The restaurant isn’t recommended due to the steep prices and over the top menu! But that’s just me!

#10 Enjoy street side cafes and take your time just sitting there. Too many to name. Go with the gut 🙂 and what looks cutest of course. Just like this one here!

#11 Frappe. Wouldn’t try again. Unless you are unconditionally in love with coffee.

#12 Gin and tonic at the black sand beach in Santorini. Nothing beats sun, sand, water and intoxication. All in one afternoon.

#13 Try the local ‘unfiltered’ beer at Santorini

#14 The shop I will one day own! Organic store (this one in Athens) with home made marmalade, dried fruits, local wine etc. Pick up a pack of cranberries to munch. He even promised to check out my blog 🙂

#15 The traditional Gyros is a must try. You can order a wrap or just a portion like this one where you can take it easy on the bread a little!

#16 A glass of chilled Sangria to go with anything! Specially the high carb breads

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