How not to have a typical lazy Sunday

So this Sunday morning, while I was flipping through random magazines, a forgotten thought flipped my mind. Instead of flipping away, I flipped out of my bed, flipped on some clothes and headed out. Little did I know that I was going to have a flipping awesome day. Okay, I should stop. But it’s just that I am flipping over Flip today. Let me speak in English now.

Scene 1.
Enter Flip’s newest bistro at the Golf Course Road, Gurgaon (India) today. *Hold you breath*.
The first thing that comes to mind when you enter, is that this is one of those ‘happy’ places. The space gives you the feeling of…well ‘space’. It is beautifully designed with glass on three sides and an air-conditioned live kitchen on the side. It also allows you to sit outdoors and enjoy food under the beautiful sky! (And these are my thoughts during just the first five minutes of entering the place!)
*You can breathe now. In fact, I recommend you do*

Scene 2.
I was instantly drawn to the lovely rustic wood fired oven that sat majestically in the kitchen. Later, when I tasted the pizza, it smelt of the Mango wood that burnt in the oven and had lent its flavour to the pizza…The head chef caught me staring and interrupted with the menu of the day.

Scene 3.
When all seemed perfect, the only thing I missed, was some intoxication. But guess what? The Flip guys have it figured out. Beer and wine will be served up soon at Flip. So if you’re looking for some dizzying Sunday food porn, head out to your local one-of-a-kind bistro. Click here to visit the Flip Bistro page on Facebook!

Other recommendations at Flip are:

Grilled cottage cheese stuffed with spinach topped with BBQ sauce

Fresh Greek lemon salad with warm crunchy garlic bread

Simple and classic bruschetta with basil

Take some advice and start ‘flippin over food’ 🙂

Choose from a creative range of wood fired pizzas

Check out the live kitchen and the funky art work at the top that decorates it

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