Did I tell you about foodpanda?

If a fat chubby food loving hard-working panda isn’t your thing, then maybe getting food delivered at your doorstep from more than 250 of the choicest Delhi and NCR restaurants is.

Take a minute for that aww moment when you see the not-so-little foodpanda. I guess we can proceed now, if you’re done.

Here is what Foodpanda can do for you:

  • It’s 9pm on a Monday evening. You’ve had the worst day. Only a good meal can save you now.
  • You start searching through your phone numbers or through the food brochures that you kept stored away so diligently, that you have forgotten where you kept them. Oops. Instead, you log onto http://www.foodpanda.in and have the aww moment again because the giant (let’s face it, he’s HUGE) panda stares at you lovingly.
  • You enter your location. Let’s say GK 2. *Poof!*. 43 restaurant options present themselves to you.
  • 43 too much for you? Filter the results by cuisine or budget.
  • View the menu, add to cart and order!
  • Did we not talk about money yet? I guess we didn’t. That’s because you only pay cash on delivery!

Thinking of ordering in? Whether you’re in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia or India, the Panda loves to travel just to get you the best from your local restaurants! Visit www.foodpanda.in , visit them on FB and follow Foodpanda on twitter (@FoodpandaIndia)!

Inspired or irritated?

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