Kashmir kicks butt

When you visit ‘paradise on Earth’, after hearing the cliché a billion times, you don’t really expect to see paradise. Let me start by saying, that throughout my time in Kashmir, the feeling of impending doom was upon me. Sometimes a picture is so calm and perfect, that you think it can only transform into something bad, because it possibly can’t get better.

It’s weird how we aren’t used to perfection in our daily lives, because we are so busy trying to make everything perfect. Anyhow, one travel warning: Do not travel to this part of the world if you are a vegetarian or a meek non-vegetarian.

So here is the list of most-wanted 🙂

Goshtaba (extra-minced meat balls cooked in creamy sauce) was part of the traditional Kashmiri Wazwaan (A spread of more than a dozen traditionally cooked dished)

Brinjal cooked in a yogurt based curry with a tangy flavour

Simple and delish dessert made from suji (semolina), milk and sugar. Topped with cashews and cardamom for that extra punch

Light chicken curry cooked in saag (spinach and/or mustard leaf) to go with plain steamed rice

Tabak maaz: Fried lamb ribs for the meatlovers 🙂

Make sure you try a traditional bbq with chicken and fish when you take your shikaara (Kashmiri boat) on a night drive 🙂

A must-do: try a variety of tandoori style cooked meats from floating market-boats (more for the experience than the taste)

Try kahva on the beautiful houseboat on the Dal Lake. An experience of a lifetime 🙂








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