Sundays. Are days meant for dancing in the Sun.

The uncertainty of life can only be defeated by the certainty of the present moment. Many things have happened around me in the past, and recently, for me to understand the fleeting nature of everything that we do. Good or bad. Happy or sad. The only thing that can save us from falling into the existential abyss is feeling in control of our present moment. Or in other words, our control of our perspective at this present moment. Perspective is everything.

This could have been any Sunday. But to make this Sunday count, to make it a day of dancing in the Sun, we went ahead and made it special.

As you know from my last post, my brother recently got married. Like really recently – last month :). With this event, he has bought much laughter and happiness into our lives. This one’s for the both of you!

Here are some yummy brunch suggestions. The recipes for some stuff will follow.


Tenderized lamb cutlets with an exquisite curd and harissa paste dressing


Some aubergines and zucchini tossed in olive oil and salt make for a perfect grilled side dish πŸ™‚


Had been meaning to try the Greek feta salad. Was perfect with the sangria and the sun! (recipe coming soon)


The ultra yummy Hawaiian salad is filling and light on the senses.


Get Mr.Pringle, the family dog, to join you πŸ™‚


A must-have! Brandy, triple sec and wine makes a good Sangria (recipe coming soon)! Average consumption: a pitcher between two people.


Fish marinated with slight garlic, salt and olive oil and sprinkled with olive oil


Serve hot crispy pita with rosemary hummus and basil pesto.


And finally, cut the heat with some strawberry and mango yogurt with fun toppings like figs, almonds etc!


The best reason to have a brunch? spend quality time with family πŸ™‚

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