Getting sticky with it. BBQ Chicken

It’s time to retrospect. Some more.

I started out this blog to give voice to a passion I had for food. Slowly it seems to have shaped itself up and taken a life of its own. I am grateful for this blog as I look at the posts sometimes and a smile spreads across my face. This blog seems to document the best times of my life. Coincidently, the best times of my life seem to coincide with some great food. Makes me wonder – Good food or good times. What comes first?

30 posts, the glorious December Sun and the prospect of having goey sticky BBQ sauce all over my hands and face, all point to only one direction – the sticky BBQ chicken.

Prep time: 30 mins. Marinade time: 2 hours – overnight. Calories: 180, for every 3 wings

  1. Buy and clean up 6 chicken drumsticks and 6 chicken wings
  2. For the marinade mix 2 tbsp clear honey, 1tsp fresh ginger, peeled and grated, 3 crushed garlic cloves, a pinch of cinnamon (or a few tiny pieces of cinnamon sticks), 3 aniseed, salt and pepper to taste, 2 tsp soy sauce,  3 tbsp orange marmalade (or orange honey, or just orange juice if you have that handy), ½ tsp grated orange zest, 1 tbsp sesame oil and 1 tsp chilli paste.
  3. Just mix the 12 chicken pieces into the marinade sauce and leave for at least 2 hours or overnight. Make 3-4 deep cuts into the chicken pieces. Leave a little bit of sauce to cover later.
  4. Once it has marinated, place the chicken on the barbecue over medium-hot coals and cook for about 20 minutes, brushing with any marinade left in the dish as it cooks or
  5. The chicken can also be cooked in the OTG. Preheat the oven to 200C/400F/Gas 6. Transfer the chicken into a roasting tray with a couple of spoonfuls of marinade. Place in the oven for about 50 minutes, turning occasionally and basting with the marinade and juices until thoroughly sticky and golden, adding extra marinade to the tray if necessary.

If you’re making this for more than a handful of people, add a spoon of BBQ sauce/BBQ piri piri sauce to the mix so that it’s not to runny.


The BBQ sauce is everything. Taste, taste and taste again until you have a strong nice flavour into this sauce


Sprinkle some spring onions juliennes for that freshness


Up close and personal. Now apply to face :)!

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