Showing off Soulfoood.

Soulfoood recently launched its range of ‘exotic food made fresh, easy and healthy’ at the DLF Golf Club, India. The response was simbly amazing. Here are a few of my ‘proud moments’ of the day…

To know more about the Soulfoood Deli, click here. Soulfoood products are now available at the FLIP Bistro, DLF Galleria (Gurgaon, India) and at the Binge Bakery, DLF Qutab Plaza (Gurgaon, India)


for having the most attractive looking shop


beautiful and creative doyle pamphlets with our product list


the vintage soulfoood packaging. From the straw tie, to the handmade powder pink product name tag to the fuchsia labels


for creating products that I am in love with

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