6 foods to go to bed with {this winter}

If you’re a new mum, or someone who takes their food very personally {pun intended}, the bed is your favourite place to eat. What other place is fit enough for this very intimate act?
My list of top 6 foods I’d like to take to bed with me:
  1. Chai and dessert. There is nothing better than eating your favourite dessert, hot pipping tea helping you gulp it down and then sleeping over it. You can wake up in the morning like nothing ever happened. Now about that rich creamy cheese cake with a hot cuppa tea?
  2. A hot stew. Nothing that you do in bed can quite compare to this. And that’s saying ALOT. Just prep this 20 minute stew while you pop into a hot shower and eat straight from the pot. The only thing better than eating this is the experience of wonderful company dipping their spoons into this hot pot with you! Check out my recipe here.
  3. Lavish and hummus. This is a food closet must-have. Just dish out beautiful creamy hummus with crunchy lavish chips for that perfect finger food in bed. A little cheese on the side never hurt.
  4. Cup a noodles. Picture a cosy bed with some cosy company. If this is a last minute thing, with nothing to eat or no time to order in, the faithful cap-a noodles is your midnight friend. After all, what’s a meal in bed if not fuss-free?
  5. Cold left overs. I promised nothing fancy, so left-over, straight out of the fridge is just the thing I need during those midnight cravings. In fact I’d think that finding a delish smoked chicken pasta while raiding the fridge at night may be nothing short of a jackpot. Who are we kidding?
  6. Pizza and red wine. Nothing breaks the spell of a bad day quite like pizza in bed. Just remember to drink enough wine to not be able to keep track of how much gluttony you committed last night.
To make these foods any more snuggly, smuggle these with you into bed too:
  • Your dog acting as your feet warmer
  • The TV remote in very close proximity
  • Someone who agrees to get up to turn the lights off later
  • A beautiful baby in the cot next to you {the new mom speaking}
  • An epic movie or your fav show playing
This list doesn’t promise to do anything for the calorie conscious, and is a no-no for the no carbs at night type. But I do promise some very wonderful dreams at night and a happier you the next morning!


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