6 potato dishes you’ve never tried before {potato hummus anyone?}

Potatoes are classic. They look good with everything and never go out of style. Not that they need dressing up, but they do deserve to be experimented with. So here is my list of top 8 ways to make the classic potato classier.

  1. Potato hummus. This has to be my favourite. Just blend in the flesh of a baked potato with the boiled chickpeas into the blender. It’ll make the hummus creamier and tastier than usual. 

    Potato hummus

    Potato hummus

  2. Potato pancakes. Cool some mashed potato, sieve flour and baking powder into the cooled mash. Whisk eggs and milk together and add to the mix until smooth. Cook like you’d cook the regular pancake batter! Who said pancakes couldn’t be made better? recipe-image-legacy-id--1273463_8
  3. Potato pizza. When potatoes and pizza are mentioned in the same sentence, there needn’t be another word said. Add any accompaniments with this creamy companion or just let it be the star of the pizza along with some parmesan cheese and dill sprinkled on top. 

    Potato pizza

    Potato pizza

  4. Sticky potatoes under fried eggs. This is breakfast of the brave. Diced potatoes cooked with soy, herbs and honey and topped with a wholesome fried egg. It’s the perfect start to your Sunday. Check out my recipe here.

    Sweet and sticky potatoes with fried eggs

    Sweet and sticky potatoes with fried eggs

  5. Potato nachos. Cook potatoes and tomatoes in a baking dish and top up with dollops of sour cream, avocados, jalapeños and some salsa. They aren’t exactly finger food, but will give the traditional nachos a run for their money. 

    Potato nachos

    Potato nachos

  6. Tamarind potato salad. If you’re in the mood for tangy, this may be your calling. Yogurt, tamarind, coriander and pomegranate added to the classic potatoes will surely liven things up.
So here is a fitting tribute to this misunderstood tuber, known to for its fat but not so much for its potassium and fiber! Enjoy your po-ta-toes 🙂

Sources: BBCgoodfood, Youtube, Allwomenstalk

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