9 food challenges to keep you healthy in 2014

This year, I decided to save the embarrassment and not even try to make a new year resolution about being more healthy. Until…I thought about the innumerable ways of making this resolution fun. Here are some food challenges to make 2014 seriously healthy. Take your pick!

  1. The Paleo Diet. Have you been wanting to try the paleo diet? What you can eat. meat, poultry, fruits & vegetables, nuts & seeds, seafood, healthy fats. What to avoid. dairy, grains, processed food & sugars, legumes, starches, alcohol. Duration of the Paleo Diet. 30 day plan. Basically, you think like a hunter and eat what he eats. Don’t let this diet pass just because it’s the new fad.
  2. The Vegan. Ready to take on the 1 week vegan challenge? What you can eat. grains, beans, legumes, and vegetables and fruits. What to avoid. meat, eggs, dairy products and all other animal-derived ingredients.
  3. Portion control. Be less greedy and more thoughtful while you eat. If you are craving the extra serving of rice, stop. Small steps will take you a really long way. This has to be the most effective food advice ever.
  4. Real food. Real food is food that nature gives us. What you can eat. plants, roots, fruits, nuts, seeds, meats, eggs, milk and those made from it. What to avoid. fake foods are those that human beings create trying to imitate the natural food. Try to eat real food for the next week. This is a more flexible version of the vegan diet, love the idea of eating from Mother nature’s kitchen only!
  5. The Flash Diet. I love this one. I am a flash-dieter and you may already be, unknowingly! What you can eat. Delicious food that loves to be photographed. What to avoid. Boring looking food. Just photograph what you eat one dish a day and save it, post it, tweet it or comment about it! {remember, documenting what you eat makes you think about what and how much you eat}
  6. No-dessert challenge. Simple as it sounds. What you can/cannot eat. Go figure. Duration of the diet. What you think you’ll be able to do + add a week to it.
  7. The timetable diet. This one is good for those constantly thinking about the next meal. That’s because this diet requires you to plan ahead and make sure you eat every 4-5 hours. It’s exciting but a bit too exhausting for me! Duration. As you like
  8. Kingly Breakfast. Ensure a healthy and lavish start to the day and see whether it sets the tone for the rest of the day or helps you feel satisfied enough to have smaller meals henceforth. Give it a go and discover what category you fit into. Here’s a great recipe to get started {Silken poached eggs with asparagus}. For more healthy breakfast options, visit this amazing page.
  9. Be a water baby. Water, water and more water. The more the better. Enough has been said about this already, yet we cannot adhere. It helps to consciously follow this rule for a week and see how amazing you feel. From hereon, you’d want to stay a water baby for life.

Some tips to keep you on track.

  • Think before you eat
  • Clean up your pantry
  • Prepare your own meals
  • Stock up on healthy snacks {and carry some with you}
  • Plan ahead


Sources: http://www.thechallengeloop.com, http://www.mdanderson.org, http://www.thechiclife.com, http://lalakme.blogspot.in {image source}

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