The few times that small is better. 4 times to be precise


If you believe in the platitudinous ‘size does matter’ rule, I’m going to prove you wrong in exactly 5 seconds. Sometimes small is cuter, convenient and far more delicious. 

When it comes to food, more is usually better for me. However some things taste and look better just because they are tiny and loaded with flavour, making you want more. How about we deconstruct a few popular recipes and make them bite-size?
Fresh lasagna bites. Gulping down an entire bowl of cheesy lasagna may seem indecent to some, but having a prim look while gobbling down these bite-sized bombs can be deceptively sophisticated. Just cut the lasagna into mini bites and serve on a soup spoon to avoid spilling. 
Bacon wrapped dates. This has to be the easiest way to heaven. It’s simple and fool-proof. It comfortably sits on the top of the cook-to-impress list, and you don’t even have to cook it.
Tiny Bloody Mary. These are yum and can be the party starters that every party needs. For that extra flavour, rim the glass with bacon bits and honey and stick a fried egg on top for that craziness.
Sweet and Salty treat. Being indecisive was never so rewarding. This is just the thing to try when you can’t decide between sweet and salty. Made under 5 minutes, all you need to do is place a piece of chocolate over a pretzel and put it into the oven until the chocolate starts to get soft. Top this with another pretzel and press down gently to let the gooey chocolate surface. 
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