My letter to a guilty heart.

Most of us spend a considerable amount of time feeling guilty. Feeling guilty that you didn’t say enough, do enough, or maybe you did say too much. Needless to say, this isn’t a happy state of mind. What is the truth behind feeling guilty? It may be a way of punishing the self for not upholding a certain idea of the right thing to do.

Sometimes we may have actually hurt others, or done the unacceptable, because of which the guilt irks us. It seems perfectly justified to be feeling guilty. What can be done to lift this burden from our hearts?

Here is a thought. At the core of getting freedom from the guilt is to forgive ourselves. Sometimes it may help to accept, that what you did was the best you could do at that point of time given your circumstances, state of mind, or lack of judgement. Would you think this to be the cowards way of getting away with anything?

Let’s presume that it is. So what next? Would you rather be guilty and unsettled and inflict further pain on yourself and others? What if we accepted that our shortcoming at that moment, but yet not get complacent about it.

To test this thought, we should talk in extremes. What if we inflict physical pain on someone we love. Not out of self-defence, etc but purely in a fit of rage. There is no notion of relativity that can justify this. How can we now forgive ourselves to feel peaceful again. How can we tell ourselves that that was the best we could have done in that particular moment?

Sometimes it’s easier to forgive others for the same mistake. If we are spoken to with anger, we often empathise and give them the benefit of doubt. Why can’t we do the same to ourselves?

It seems more complex than I imagined. What I can imagine is the best possible way out of this is that we should learn to be more gentle with ourselves, no matter what. The pain we caused in the first place was most likely because of an unsettled mind anyways. It all becomes a vicious cycle of unhappiness that magnifies in its intensity with each hurtful event.

Let’s kill the guilt for the sake of others, for the sake of that peaceful moment that frees the soul.

To test out the above, let’s bathe ourselves in some decadence and see what we learnt!

fantastic rainbow sprinkle cake pops chocolate cake pops with rainbow decorations-f04714

No-bake chocolate cake pops in 3 easy steps:

  1. Blend 18 chocolate sandwich cookies with cream filling {Oero} and 4 ounces cream cheese into a creamy consistency. Mould into cake pop shape and freeze for 30 mins.
  2. Melt 1 1/2 cups milk chocolate or semisweet chocolate chips and dip the frozen pops into the melted chocolate.
  3. Roll into a tray of assorted sprinkles, crushed nuts or toasted coconut flakes.

Photo source A bake-version of this recipe also available on this link.

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