Maybe life gives us second chances, even after death


I know the story of a young man who died too soon . He had two small children and a beautiful wife . His life was taken away one dreadful night by some careless drunk on the road .

I witnessed the news of his passing told to each member of his family . I saw each of them break one at a time . What was worse was the anticipation of telling the next loved one and waiting to see them die a little too .

Two sorrows cannot be compared because they cannot be measured. Several years have past , and almost every day , I think about that loss . Initially I thought as a daughter and tried to think of the unimaginable loss that his daughters felt . Then I thought like a wife . Today I think like a mother and cannot console myself about how his mother could have passed each day that she outlived him, which she didn’t do for too long .

I imagine that for a mother , it is the death of the most important part of her . It is an unnatural pain . As if u were asked to feel again but with a certain numbness . Living with such great pain , and I know each one of us carry such pain within us to some degree , should make us very compassionate .

It occurred to me after the mother passed away a few years after her son , that maybe they needed to be together . What gives me hope and joy is the fact that somewhere in the world someone is enjoying being a mom all over again . Someone is enjoying being a son all over again .

Maybe that someone is us . So let’s pretend for just today that this moment is not just our own . Maybe we should enjoy this very moment as if we were living someone’s lost life all over again.

Maybe we are someone else’s second chance .

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