Humour me dear dumpee

Prompted by the daily post, I began thinking about break-ups. Break-ups are never easy, but they don’t always have to be remembered bitterly. If you have had a hard break-up in the past, try fitting your relationship into one of the categories below and change the way the break-ups effects you forever. Hoping this works for some.

All these reflections are in hind-sight of course. Break-ups bleed when they are fresh wounds.

The totally random. If you’re the dumpee, you’ve probably self-doubted at some point. You’ve imagined that something about you ended it, usually whatever you are self-conscious about. But here’s the simple truth. {Drumroll}…Your dumper may have been going through a psycho-phase and needed just about any excuse to call it quits. Kill the guilt. It’s not about you, it never was.

Blessing in disguise. Whether you’re the dumpee or the dumper, your break-up may be destiny’s way of telling you that you have better chances out there. Your ex may seem like a handy work of God at the time, but those times will change. If better luck hasn’t been yours lately, it will. Keep the faith.

A clip to your wings. Break-ups need not always be followed with the hope of finding someone better. Sometimes things don’t work out because you need to do things that are more important for you at the time. Maybe you need to love yourself first, or take that assignment in Rome, or go live with your cat on the mountains. Whatever!

It’s best to remember: you didn’t fail the relationship, the relationship failed you. Unless you did.


Maybe one of these stories is more like yours?

 Another way to make break-ups less painful is to load fewer calories on yourself during the post-relationship phase. You’d rather just be alone, than be alone and fat. Here’s an option.

The snicker banana. Find the recipe here. {Image source: njpaleogirl}


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