Shh. Poverty makes it ugly.

In India, we get used to poverty. You can get used to anything if you see it enough. I guess that’s our case. When friends and family visit us from various parts of the world, they feel overwhelmed. But we do not.

The little children on the streets, looking into the bag of wasted McDonald’s in the car. Dismembered women staring absent-mindedly at the Burberry outfits some 2 year olds wear. The help at home, who stay away from their families look in amazement at the issues we sometimes fret about.

Maybe those suffering from poverty have also gotten used to it. Being a new mom, I want my child to have everything. Hopefully, the best of everything. Makes me wonder what the little child on the street has done to deserve nothing. An image I saw recently made its home into my heart and mind {Image source:}. All this, in a crazy time when mothers can’t stop using hand sanitizers before letting family members touch their children.


We need not be apologetic about spending. But we needn’t behave that poverty doesn’t exist just because we see so much of it. Sometimes we are so busy trying to make our lives beautiful, that we lose touch of the world we live in.

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