What if I told you I met God today?

Every body has probably had a conversation about their views on God. Whether they believe in God and why blahblah. If you are an atheist you probably have ended up with the platitudinous scientific argument that seeing is believing.

What if I told you I saw God today.

My meaning of God is simple. To me, nature is God. How else would the flowers have the colours that they do and how else would they know that they are meant to sway where the Sun shines. The inherent intelligent to survive and just be, is Godliness.

So I met God during my morning walk today. I wondered at his works of art and marvelled at how miraculously and effortlessly nature makes the world what it is. Hope you’ve met your God recently!




2 thoughts on “What if I told you I met God today?

  1. There is something deeply stirring about nature. For me, I feel connected to God when I am in nature because it reveals an aspect of His character – His handiwork, His art. There are so many metaphors for life in nature. I don’t think that’s an accident. 🙂 Glad you were able to feel connected today! Thank you for sharing! Beautiful pictures, btw.


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