Always wear your invisible crown. Or disappear

Did you ever know that you could watch yourself disappear? This doesn’t even involve a magic trick. It’s just a matter of consistently practising self depreciating behaviour over a period of time.

Remember that time when you didn’t even recall someone whom you went to high school with? Chances are they never said anything to be remembered. In fact they never said anything like it was worth remembering. That was the beginning of their disappearing act.

If that’s the beginning, then what’s next? I guess if you want to speed up the disappearance for some odd reason, you could just begin to self-doubt every time you need to speak up. Because it’s when you don’t say it that you become hazy for the people around you. And when you don’t even say it in your head, then you start becoming hazy for yourself.

Everything needs to be expressed. In someway or the other, to an audience or just to yourself – in that little journal you bought but never used. Things not expressed eventually become things that don’t exist. So if you have something to say, don’t just mumble it, say it like you mean it. Say it because you don’t want to fade into oblivion. So be proud of who you are, wear that invisible crown with your head held mighty high.



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