Blueberry & Dark Chocolate Clusters

Fresh blueberries and good quality dark chocolate straight out of the fridge are good enough. But what if you could combine the two in just one bite? And store them for all the post meal dessert cravings as well? Here is how you can.

Blueberry clusters 1 Blueberry clusters 2 blueberry cluster 3

Melt some dark chocolate {I used 6 Godiva Dark Chocolate squares). You don’t need to put these on the gas, just add 2-3 tbsp boiling water to the chocolate pieces. Make sure the melt is thick and not syrupy. Let the blueberries do a little dance in this sauce. Handpick/or use a spoon clusters of 4-5 blueberries at a time and place them on a flat surface, and into the freezer. You can sprinkle some chopped toasted almonds on each cluster before refrigerating. I used my favourite crushed All Brand Sultana Flakes as the topping.

Store in pretty jars and devour at will.


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