The biggest parenting mistake of our times

There shouldn’t be any hurry growing up. In fact we could all be a little child like sometimes and simplify life. There are many children across the World who don’t get to be children even if they want to. So if you are privileged enough, let their childhood last. {A childhood lost}

What I realised about our kids vs. us vs. our parents is just one thing: we don’t let our kids be kids anymore. We took the innocence away. We are trying to raise the smarter and the most well-behaved children and we are trying so hard that we don’t have the patience to wait for the right time. We just need kids to be kids . We need to open up to the fact that making them acceptable is not a Herculean task we must take upon our shoulders . We need to be humble enough to learn from them because years of growing up have rusted our own instincts.

So I hope I remember the next time I am trying to be that perfect parent, that I don’t know it all. Maybe my son is behaving childish because that’s just what kids do. So teach them the real values that matter and just let them be themselves.

Feature image source: Photograph by Chan Kwok Hung,

One thought on “The biggest parenting mistake of our times

  1. We all thought we would be different than our parents, when our dreams were not understood we thought I would never do that to my kid, but oh look we are just like them.

    In raising the perfect child we make them grow up too fast you say, and to think of weren’t our parents doing the same?

    Apart from this a sweet childhood in nation so pressed for resources is a luxury. I really the privileged ones are brought up as dreamers who will change the world.


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