When the walls are closing in

After a midnight conversation with a friend, I imagined walls closing in on her. But I also saw a little green door in the corner. I hoped that she would reach out for the beautiful mother of pearl knob and just let herself out. Out into an open space full of light and teaming with life.

I was tempted to go with the cliche line ‘there is a world out there, where bigger things are happening right now.’ I wanted to say this to her so that she would snap out of her little shell of darkness. But what good comes out of telling someone about the presence of bigger and maybe more important things, when it doesn’t ease her pain. It’s not like knowing the world is out there is somehow going to make you hurt less. But here is a few things that I think it does do.

  • You don’t feel alone knowing that someone somewhere is as down and out as you are feeling right now. I know this because posts on motherhood across the globe deal with the same ups and downs we are dealing with. There is strength in knowing you have a sisterhood out there.
  • You suddenly open up to the possibility that life goes on. Just as no one stops because you are hurting, you shouldn’t either. The continuity of the world outside is a little hope for better things to come.
  • As serious as your problem is, there is always someone worse off. Maybe knowing that helps you count what little good you can see at that moment.
  • Just knowing that there is a world out there maybe makes you less self absorbed for just a moment? Maybe that moment is all you need to snap out of the intensity of whatever it is you are feeling? Maybe.

Feature image source: imgfave.com


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