Top 6 hearty, homely and quick meals. Real food by real people.

Who doesn’t love one pot meals? They have always been a favourite of mine and I would do a blog just about these if I didn’t love the cleaning, chopping, peeling, simmering and finally, cleaning up the mess. 😜 These are my top 6 one pot recipes from around the World.


  1. Tabbouleh bread made in a one pot by the ingenious Lisa. Find the recipe at This bread reminds me of Christmas and gives a whole new meaning to one pot cooking.
  2. John and Dana, the perfect virtual couple, own and manage the minimalistbaker and have cooked up the wonder vegan pasta. They stand for simple, delicious and wholesome cooking.
  3. So there’s this girl Courtney, who’s kind of into Mr.Wills 🙂 She writes with her heart and creates real soul food at her neighborfoodblog including this one pot fudge brownie.
  4. Chicken and Shrimp Jabalaya by the Queen of Chicago Joelen Tan. This dish is packed with flavour and will taste surprisingly familiar to the Indian palate as well.
  5. The mother daughter duo at apronstrings create the delicious Honey balsamic spring chicken but what steals my heart is the picture of their three family generations enjoying a meal. They stir the heart and my stomach.
  6. Tieghan is amazing. You would want Tieghan in your home because she makes it a warm place through her cooking. You would want to just stare at her create havoc and magic in the kitchen, all at the same time. She creates the amazing Moroccan Chicken, Chickpeas with Pistachio Couscous and Goat Cheese at halfbakedharvest.






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