Picture perfect picnic picks


If ever anyone needed inspiration to go for a picnic, this list is a push in the right direction. Hope you enjoy and make good use of the few days when the weather allows you to get out. I wouldn’t wait that long to use these ideas. I am waiting to try these at the next dinner party as starters!

  1. Prosciutto wrapped Asparagus: Toss the asparagus in olive oil and salt. Wrap prosciutto in a spiral around the asparagus and grill until it’s crispy. {follow Meredith on Pinterest}
  2. Shortcake and strawberry skewers: Dice a plain or chocolate sponge cake and skewer it with the fruit of your choice. Mine being strawberries. {Spoonful.com has some more amazing tips on picnicking with children}
  3. Quarter-water melons: Life can’t get much better than having a picnic with a handful of crunchy and healthy watermelons, on a stick. {photo source: catchmyparty}
  4. Face lifter antipasto: Picnics can transform into classy affairs with these antipasto skewers. Meat, cheese, tomatoes and a leaf of basil is all you need to give the ordinary picnic a facelift. {follow Hungry Housewife Leslie Green on Flickr}
  5. Pasta in a mason jar: Picnics needn’t be messy, so prep individual portions of per-cooked pasta in mason jars. You can also prep salad this way and take along. {follow Crystal on Pinterest}
  6. For more inspiring ideas, a must click is yourhomebasedmom!

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