The taboo of being too human

The song pretty much sums it up.

Love doesn’t make the world go around. Pain does. The stuff that makes us inflict so much on each other is actually the only reason we should all believe we are alike. Everybody who is anybody has had moments of gripping pain where they have felt paralysed with fear just by the idea of what is happening to them at that point in time.

When we are vulnerable like that, we are the most human. So when we behave nonchalantly about people around us – making abrupt assumptions and primitive prejudices – we take away their humanness. We reduce them to theories.

The irony of war is that both sides are fighting for their humanness. Or the idea of what make them human to themselves. War is the antonym of tolerance. Tolerance is the virtue of the calm and confident soul. A man at war with himself is the only man who will ratify war and the suffering that he is too familiar with.

So humble down, (hu)man up and fight your inner battle with yourself, not with your partner or your neighbour or the guy with the other skin colour. If you can’t, at least smart up to the idea that the next person you were about to pick a fight with has also tasted his own tears not too long ago. The same tears that you’re still holding back. The tears that you should be releasing instead of punching peoples faces.

Here are some others taking a dig at feeling human. (Inspired by the Daily Post and Prompt.)


5 thoughts on “The taboo of being too human

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