The mummification is now complete {Love letters to my son}

The transformation is complete. Mommy-ness officially runs in my veins now.

Letter#2 to Samar {3-9 months} {0-3 months}

I tried. I tried to be objective about you but failed. You taught me that there is nothing like too much love. It can’t spoil you. It will only teach you how to love. You turn 9 months soon and all I want to do is hold onto those little hands and little feet and not let you grow to a size where you do not fit perfectly in my arms. Along with this feeling, I wear a proud halo glistening with the new little things you learn each day.

We took you on your first trip 3 months ago. I imagined feeling helpless and embarrased with you crying on the flight. I took the first row to avoid eye contact with angry eyes implying “couldn’t you leave that kid home?”. But you were a dream kid on the flights and during the vacation. You sat on tables playing with spoons and soaking french loafs into balls of spit. Dad had you hanging with a sling and you loved being able to move you hands and arms around, rather than sit in the pram. From screaming at the Mona Lisa, covering yourself in sand at the Cannes beach, looking in amazement at the fountains go up and down at the baby park, tasting your first Belgian waffle, dipping your feet in the cold sea at Nice to locking our first wish as a family on the love bridge at Paris, you enjoyed every minute of it. Of course I was mostly running around like a headless chicken. But would I do it all over again? Yes. And yes again. Dad and I can’t imagine you not being a part of our vacations now.

In the last six months we have watched you grow, pretty literally. You learnt to sit and now you hold things around you and stand momentarily before you land on your bum. You babble away and we like to believe that you are saying ma or pa but really you could be saying anything. The best part of your day is early morning where you stand in your cot {in your very own room} and make sounds to wake up everyone around you. You also have fallen in love with the swing in the park and are utterly possessive about it. You make a funny face when you are excited or agitated. Right now both these emotions have the same expression so we can only hope you’re happy to see us and not irritated.

We love you my dear and hope that we are being able to understand your little babbles. We hope that you keep on dancing the way you do everytime there is semblance of music around you. We hope you wave those arms awkwardly and still not have a care. And we hope that you can always laugh at silly sneezes, the birds perched on our balcony and more importantly at yourself the way you do now, innocently and whole-heartedly.

You inspire us to be our best,

Love Ma & Pa

{Nothing can replace the traditional hug it out method. No toys and certainly no ipads. So savour these moments with the kids in the most romantic traditional way, through love letters. Daily post}

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