The Mango & Yogurt Power Brekkie

We are bringing sexy back with this power-packed and quick brekkie.

When your toddler has kept you up all night with mosquito bites and fever, you cannot, just cannot think breakfast. But you can smart up and not miss the day’s most important meal with this healthy and quick breakfast in a jar. Just layer up yogurt, Bran flakes {Kelloggs), mango and repeat. Top with flaxseed and crushed walnuts. I tried this recipe at the cafe Another Fine Day, Gurgaon India called blueberry granola and really enjoyed it. But thought that it could be made healthier with fresh fruit instead and would be better served chilled and without cinnamon.

mango brekkie2 mango brekkie 3 mango brekkie

2 thoughts on “The Mango & Yogurt Power Brekkie

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