Spinach, Pine Nuts and Raisins Crunch Munch

This salad reminds me of Christmas. And it tastes like Christmas too.

Prep Time: 10 Mins. Cooking Time: 5 Minutes

Chopped and packed (& organic) spinach is the best thing since dark chocolate. Avoid this salad in the evenings as these leafy wild things aren’t the best night buddies. Just toss a bunch of spinach in the wok with olive oil for 2 minutes and grate 5 cloves of garlic into the wok with the spinach. In a separate pan, toss the pine nuts until brown. Also dice 3 slices of bread into cubes and dehydrate until crunchy in the oven. Wait for these ingredients to cool and add soaked raisins and add lemon juice & salt and pepper to taste.

Shopping list:

  • 10 Raisins soaked in water for 15 minutes
  • 5 garlic cloves
  • A bunch of Spinach (30 leaves)
  • 10 toasted Pinenuts
  • 3 Slices of Bread (We used Oat Bread)
  • Olive Oil 1 tbsp
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • 1 Lemon Juice squeezed
  • Cherry Tomatoes to decorate

Spinach1 spinach2

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