The Indian Man can stare your clothes off

Why is it that some Indian men have the compulsive need to stare? It is a global epidemic infecting only Indian men well beyond Indian boundaries . There are other grave epidemics inflicting only the Indian man like the pinky finger entanglement or the groin scratch attack, but that’s a story for another day.

If observing them is your joie de vivre, you would notice they that look like they are watching television, when time stands still and jaws are left ajar. The moment a woman passes by, in a “provocative” or a well meaning dress, the stare that bares inflicts itself. Need less to say, these women become the human equivalent for the idiot box at that moment in time.

To me, it’s a bad habit that no one has bothered to correct for the longest time. This habit is the cousin of other profanities such as throwing garbage inappropriately, avoiding a law when no one is looking or parking the car in the middle of the road. 

This habit propagates because it doesn’t anger women enough and doesn’t punish men enough. Parents worry about consequences of speaking up and law makers offer preventive measures like wearing full sleeves or venturing out in male company. Recent events have shown that the bar on what is “provocative” or inviting is pretty low for some men, so prevention fails.  

The only cure to fix any bad habit is fear of punishment or self realisation. If you are a mother, teach your sons to help around the house. And if you are a father, help around the house and raise the bar on what your daughter should expect from a man. Only if our homes are conducive to women, our cities will be.

PS: This is my opinion of the average Indian male. So if you are Indian and a man, then congratulations, you are above average.

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2 thoughts on “The Indian Man can stare your clothes off

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  2. This is a very honest post. And brave. I do not know the culture so I can not say anything about it. It reminds me of some guys in the Philippines usually coming from below the middle class. I am not saying all the guys do that maybe it still depends on the culture, the place where they live, the education.yes even staring can make you feel violated.


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