When our baby turned one. A letter of pure joy.

I never knew we could be so cheesy but you turning one is the most proud we’ve ever felt in our life. We aren’t the kind of parents, but want to scream the happy birthday song more than a pleasant number of times today. When I saw you for the first time I never knew that today will come so soon. You’re all grown up and today makes me realise that you will indeed grow up sooner than we’d like.

From you saying mama and papa to trying to imitate all us grown ups, you make us so proud . The way you hold your food and pick small bites with two little fingers to feed yourself, the way you love playing peekaboo behind the curtain , the way you shout ‘go-go’ to the airplane and wave it goodbye, to the way that you say ‘woof-woof’ like a puppy and roar like a lion ! You dash from one place to the other falling a thousand times in between saying ‘gir-gya’. My baby boy you are naughty, intelligent and loving all at once.

The way you shake your entire body with u say ‘nai nai’ and the way that you smile with your 7.5 little teeth. We already say that you’re not a little baby anymore because we can’t force a thousand kisses on you like we did. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hoping that life is full of adventure we will celebrate today with a beautiful and small pirate theme and hope that you always have fascinating stories to tell.

This one year has been the best of our lives . You are a constant reminder to us of our blessings and how beautiful life can be. Keep amazing us with your inquisitive mind and I hope we continue learning together as a family always.

You are wild and free and that’s all we ever wish you’d be.

You have made us feel true joy. Thank you and happy birthday our darling boy.
Love mom dad

PS: Our previous letters The mummification is now complete {Love letters to my son} & When I fell in love again {5 years after being married}

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