Feeling invincible, this Mothers Day

I am watching you take a walk on the meandering path of a deep pine forest in Mussorie, hand in hand with your grandmom. As I watch your back, I can’t help but feel nostalgic in this very moment, knowing that you have now stepped into a new phase of your childhood. I don’t know when you transitioned from a baby into a playful toddler, but you just did, just around the 18-month mark.

From a baby who needed to be looked after ever moment of the day (and night), you have now become a lively companion to your dad, your grandparents and most of all – to me. We now speak about what we used to do without you, what life used to be. You have us wrapped around your little long fingers.

You must remember always, and not just when you read my letters, that you are blessed to be among doting grandparents who are living a second childhood with you. Your roots are so much stronger and denser because of them. Their love and knowledge will support you to reach higher highs and make your lows less steep.

This letter is as much for me as it is for you. I want to remember this most rewarding time for myself. There are debates among us new and old moms about managing time between raising a baby, work and life in general. Work for me isn’t something to get back to, as I wouldn’t do it like I did earlier. I want to have a healthy balance of work, good health and moments of spontaneous unstoppable laughter because I want you to know that life can be all that. It needn’t be just one thing; it can be everything all at once. I want to dream an impossible dream to show you it’s possible.

One thing that I enjoy doing with you the most is reading. You love your books and point out things you know like a dog, shoes, car, cat, teddy, ball. Sometimes I find us all dancing around you like monkeys while you seem seriously engaged in some deep thoughts with your favourite book, which is in tatters and there is something extremely satisfying about that. We show you videos of babies eating and that has become your big aspiration these days! You love salty and sometimes even spicy food much like your mom dad.

It is really funny that every written alphabet you see right now has to be “bee” and every colour is “purrpelle”. I laugh as I write this and feel so excited about the times to come. Baby with you life is wonderful and on this Mothers Day, I want to thank you for making the impossible possible for me. So much joy is possible because of you, and we are ever grateful.

You have made me feel invincible and more powerful than I have even felt. Love you xx.


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