The key to being found

I see people lost all the time, all around me, at every turn and corner they stand at. For a little while I couldn’t get my head around what was really going wrong for them. To me it looked like they are trying so hard to read a complicated roadmap while the road ahead was clearly in front of them. And where is that map promising to lead them? What makes it so hard for some of us to see clearly?

To my mind, there are two things that separate the lost from the found. Faith is one. I believe that when you start taking the road in front of you, there will be some sign at the crossroad telling you where to go. I believe that the entire map is never really provided to us, but if we have the faith to take the first step without knowing every nook and turn we need to take, there will be signs to follow.

Some of us call taking the first step intuition and others call it having inner strength. It is my belief that all of us are here to find this ‘spontaneity’. All our experiences and encounters are meant to lead us to it.

Fearlessness is the other thing that helps the lost be found. If you are at a crossroad where no signs wait for you, something within you needs to tell you that it will be fine either way you take – and if somehow it isn’t okay, you will still be fine. I do not know how this fearlessness is taught. I wonder if this is inherent or just a consequence of a strong nurturing environment that builds your confidence instead of questions your each thought and move.

Being fearless is an attitude. To me it is not the lack of fear but the absence of the possibility of failure. In my experience the biggest fear that grips people after death is that of failure. If failure is not an option, there is no reason to fear it. Out of the two paths that life shows you, if you consider one to lead you to success and the other to failure, the choice will be immensely difficult. Whereas, if you consider that one path takes you towards certain experiences and the other towards a different set of experiences, the choice will not be between opposites, and therefore a less difficult one.

There needs to be faith in the belief that wherever life has lead you is exactly where you were meant to be. There is a need to surrender to a force that creates life and maintains the balance of nature. If the mind had all the answers, we would not be so as lost in the first place. So ditch the theories and the guides and the gurus, find what you are looking for by taking the very first step.

Image source: Smoke Art by Mehmet Ozgur

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