Artists of the week

Art is inspired by dreams, love, pain and sometimes need. Very rarely does the representation of a think surpass the actual. With a few artists, this statement holds true. They bring themselves to life with each painting. I am learning to express myself through art and the journey is both exciting and daunting. The prospect of knowing a little more about myself through each painting is extraordinary.

Here are a few artists that have inspired me this week:

Dimitri Milan: She paints her dreams and transports you to them with the fantastical quality.

Laurence Amelie: Her French-style quaint floral inspired work is both delicate and romantic.

Bobby Burgers: Her work is a bold representation of flowers, quiet the opposite of Laurence Amelie! The colours and the large canvases make you want to step into one of her paintings!

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Inspired or irritated?

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