Free to be three

Dear Sam,

As tradition dictates, this is my next letter to you on your third birthday. We have made it so far and we are doing pretty good, and there is nothing I want to change even if I could. This letter is going to be more about what I have gained from you instead of the other way round. I think this letter is important, for me and all us parents, who deep in our hearts think about what life would be without our children. Would we be freer from responsibility and from constantly juggling our time?

I want to say thank you for making me free. Thank you for making me the best version of myself. I remember being scared or incomplete before. Having you gave me wings, you are proof of the fact that I can do absolutely what I want and on my own terms.

You have taught me to live in the moment. Each moment away from you is precious and I must make it count doing something that feels right deep down inside of me. You have made me realise a priceless kind of love. A love that is one hundred percent fierce but without fear. You make me fearless. So thank you my darling for choosing us.

This year has been tremendous for us. Watching you grow and talk and well – talk nonstop. You have a crazy imagination and talk about dinosaurs who breathe out gems, call me your sugar baby and your elder cousin ‘bro’. You are learning the ways of the world but I am most pleased to say – on your own terms, with your own imagination. Each day when I read the same ‘Monkey Puzzle’ and ‘Cat in the Hat’ stories to you, I do it with the sincere hope that they will help your imagination take flight. And my dear boy I cannot stress enough how big a role being creative will play in making you a happy person vs a miserable one. Being creative will help you solve problems and come out of situations that hold you down.

You are so loving and show it without constraint. You have the words and you have the expression to make something feel special. I think you realise now how much we adore you and it’s wonderful that you expect that from us. Sometimes you are shy and I hope that whatever you think you have to fear finds a creative solution in your head. May you build a rich inner life that gives your outer life a fair chance of being happy.

We love you, what is there not to love. And other than that, there is nothing in our hearts but gratitude for you.

You are free to be three, and we will make sure we make it count.



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