475700_847770374581_638838090_oHi and welcome to my blog. I am from New Delhi, India. Here you’ll find tried and true recipes, ideas for entertaining, parenting and decor related inspiration. We love cooking healthy recipes and practical ideas for daily life challenges.

In between delicious meals we like to reflect on the art of living and strive for a healthy balance in mind and body. We write about whatever catches our fancy and what is most important in our lives.

Soulfoood is organic in its progression. Maybe because that’s the only way we know how to work. For us, it’s the most sustainable and original way to take things forward. We are continuously inspired and are constantly evolving our content towards what our readers care about.

Please feel free to re-post my content on your blog/website/facebook/pinterest etc, but credit me with a link. *Pretty Please* send me a link when you put it up, I’ll tweet it out!

Hope you leave this blog with little bit of your soul stirred.

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