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Art is inspired by dreams, love, pain and sometimes need. Very rarely does the representation of a think surpass the actual. With a few artists, this statement holds true. They bring themselves to life with each painting. I am learning … Continue reading

Living with horrible humans.

The horrible humans in our lives aren’t the murderers or the rapists. They usually are the people closest to us – our friends and family. This goes out to all those who have ever been backstabbed. There will be many … Continue reading

The key to being found

I see people lost all the time, all around me, at every turn and corner they stand at. For a little while I couldn’t get my head around what was really going wrong for them. To me it looked like … Continue reading

Having a life as a parent

I have been told time and time again that life comes to a standstill once a baby arrives. Things are never really the same but frankly I have enjoyed my time off – a concept I had no idea existed … Continue reading

Teaching toddlers to sit at mealtime

Everyone wants a perfect gentleman at the table, even if he is just 2 years old. I know I don’t want to be the mom whose children stand instead of sit at the table. No one likes that sort of attention. Some days … Continue reading

Doppelgänger with scarlet lips

She was born that day, from pain. Though she didn’t know yet. She held the lipstick like a toddler would hold a paintbrush and splattered red colour on her lips that she always imagined to be lush-less. She did this carelessly, giving herself … Continue reading

Modern tale of a childhood romance

Tomorrow my husband and I will be together for 16 years. My vanity forces me to clarify here that we have been married only 7 years, the rest was a bit of friendship, childhood romance, agony –filled courtship and dreamy-eyed … Continue reading