Samar Foundation

Soulfood is based on the simple idea of “mindfulness”. If we dedicate a split-second to think about what we say, think and eat, it can change our lives. The Samar Foundation is born on this principle.

Samar is my one year old boy. If there is a legacy I could leave behind for him, it would be empathy. I would like to teach him to think of others without actually being in their shoes. He inspires me.

While there are children in urban India struggling with obesity, there are children not too far away, in the same urban cities of India that sleep on an empty stomach every day. Samar Foundation hopes to fill this gap by feeding good quality leftover/fresh food from restaurants/caterers/home makers/food festivals to your preferred NGO or to the street children in your neighbourhood.

I thought long and hard about whether child hunger was where I wanted to begin this journey. I realised upon much thought that children need to have their tummy full before they can pay attention in school, before they become conscientious of sanitation and the environment. Children need to be fed first.

To know more about how to be a part of Samar Foundation, click here.


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