Artists of the week

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Art is inspired by dreams, love, pain and sometimes need. Very rarely does the representation of a think surpass the actual. With a few artists, this statement holds true. They bring themselves to life with each painting. I am learning … Continue reading

The mummification is now complete {Love letters to my son}

The transformation is complete. Mommy-ness officially runs in my veins now. Letter#2 to Samar {3-9 months} {0-3 months} I tried. I tried to be objective about you but failed. You taught me that there is nothing like too much love. It … Continue reading

Warm prawn and leek salad with dipping sauce

I have been dreaming about this. Saw Nigella cook prawns with this dipping sauce and couldn’t rest until I tried my version of it. When you spend an hour of your day watching poached prawns dance in warm salt water and slender julienned leeks … Continue reading

Always wear your invisible crown. Or disappear

Did you ever know that you could watch yourself disappear? This doesn’t even involve a magic trick. It’s just a matter of consistently practising self depreciating behaviour over a period of time. Remember that time when you didn’t even recall … Continue reading

Reflections of a Yogi

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Gratitude is unconditional. Against all odds. Photographs are like thoughts of gratitude. You see the best in every situation and soon that becomes the way you think. {Response to the Daily Prompt} More inspirational stories Street cat | Crazy Markovich … Continue reading

The few times that small is better. 4 times to be precise

If you believe in the platitudinous ‘size does matter’ rule, I’m going to prove you wrong in exactly 5 seconds. Sometimes small is cuter, convenient and far more delicious.  When it comes to food, more is usually better for me. However some … Continue reading