Crispy Homemade Nachos (with salsa)

Where there is salsa, there must be nachos. See Chunky Homemade Salsa recipe here. It is a life principle. Nachos can be made at home?! Yes they can be. And the better news is that you can store them for … Continue reading

Chunky Homemade Salsa

Homemade salsa sounds simple enough. So does being happy and living in the moment. Yet we cannot seem to do either. The idea of somethings is more tedious than the actual action. Sometimes you just need to get down to it … Continue reading

Cottage cheese & toasted brown rice salad

This healthy crunchy feast is the greatest comeback for all those who’ve been told that healthy is boring. This is my ‘healthy’ & crunchy response to fried bad asses. My biggest inspiration for cooking healthy is my Son. This one goes out … Continue reading

Blueberry & Dark Chocolate Clusters

Fresh blueberries and good quality dark chocolate straight out of the fridge are good enough. But what if you could combine the two in just one bite? And store them for all the post meal dessert cravings as well? Here is how … Continue reading