The moist chocolate ganache cake

While the World seems to be floating in chaos, the “excitement” is now getting exhausting and most of us are looking to cozy ourselves up in our comfort zones. The chocolate cake is that warm haven where I find the answer … Continue reading

Getting started: using palette as inspiration

Setting up a room, or an entire house, can be mind-bloggling with a multitude of ideas to choose from. The first post in the newly launched HOME section should be about getting started. How can you make sure these ideas make … Continue reading

Cooker Shredded Chicken Teriyaki

Teriyaki sounds intimidating and misleading. It sounds like something that involves a trip to China. That’s probably why I haven’t tried the recipe yet. However, when I read the beautiful Ali’s recipe on her blog, I gathered the daredevilry. … Continue reading

Cottage cheese & toasted brown rice salad

This healthy crunchy feast is the greatest comeback for all those who’ve been told that healthy is boring. This is my ‘healthy’ & crunchy response to fried bad asses. My biggest inspiration for cooking healthy is my Son. This one goes out … Continue reading