Masterchef inspired Quinoa Mushroom Risotto.

I finally tried this amazing recipe today, inspired by Masterchef Australia contestant Kira. And what a stunner. While picking these awesome ingredients from the store, I knew this was special. I have been try using quinoa for sometime now, and what … Continue reading

Clearing the clutter

Getting out of town is the surest way of getting back on track. Stronger and more sensible. Mostly anyways. This time when I got back from my French family vacation, I came back wiser. During our short stop at Brussels, I realised that … Continue reading

For days that stink. Lifesavers and fresh basil.

It’s great to be optimistic and live and love each day at a time. But, honestly there are days all of us go through that are so damn hard that we can feel the cramps in our brains. I have … Continue reading

The few times that small is better. 4 times to be precise

If you believe in the platitudinous ‘size does matter’ rule, I’m going to prove you wrong in exactly 5 seconds. Sometimes small is cuter, convenient and far more delicious.  When it comes to food, more is usually better for me. However some … Continue reading