Living with horrible humans.

The horrible humans in our lives aren’t the murderers or the rapists. They usually are the people closest to us – our friends and family. This goes out to all those who have ever been backstabbed. There will be many … Continue reading

Always wear your invisible crown. Or disappear

Did you ever know that you could watch yourself disappear? This doesn’t even involve a magic trick. It’s just a matter of consistently practising self depreciating behaviour over a period of time. Remember that time when you didn’t even recall … Continue reading

Clearing the clutter

Getting out of town is the surest way of getting back on track. Stronger and more sensible. Mostly anyways. This time when I got back from my French family vacation, I came back wiser. During our short stop at Brussels, I realised that … Continue reading

Positive(ly) thought(less)

Sometimes I hear positive people speak like this. When the World is busy trying to feel positive, maybe we forget that positivity carries with it a sense of arrogance. The arrogance that comes from being ‘good’. And perhaps even a … Continue reading

Reflections of a Yogi

This gallery contains 14 photos.

Gratitude is unconditional. Against all odds. Photographs are like thoughts of gratitude. You see the best in every situation and soon that becomes the way you think. {Response to the Daily Prompt} More inspirational stories Street cat | Crazy Markovich … Continue reading

For days that stink. Lifesavers and fresh basil.

It’s great to be optimistic and live and love each day at a time. But, honestly there are days all of us go through that are so damn hard that we can feel the cramps in our brains. I have … Continue reading

Shh. Poverty makes it ugly.

In India, we get used to poverty. You can get used to anything if you see it enough. I guess that’s our case. When friends and family visit us from various parts of the world, they feel overwhelmed. But we … Continue reading

What we are not makes us who we are

What we read shows us how we must write How we respond teaches us how we must speak What we don’t say become the memories that stay forever How we feel most lonely with the ones we love most What … Continue reading