{toddler friendly} superfoods

I dug deep into my recipe diary and found a few treats that even fussy toddlers would love. Toddler meal time is a challenge that all parents face and in spite of writing a food blog, I run out of … Continue reading

{toddler friendly} Apple & pear peanut butter cookies

Samar was so excited to see cookies being offered to him when he got back from his daycare. I was a little nervous about whether he would like them, and he did! These cookies are high in fibre and fruit and … Continue reading

(toddler friendly} Egg & besan cheela

I know that all moms, including myself, struggle with innovative and healthy recipe ideas. We all sometimes give in to unhealthier snacks just so that the little ones would eat something! Samar loves besan cheela and this recipe amps up the … Continue reading

Himalayan Thupka

The rainy weather has been calling for some quick and hot meals that can be enjoyed guilt-free. Thupka is a no-fuss meal that you can hardly ever go wrong with. It reigns from the North-Eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh where … Continue reading

Mushroom and chickpea tagine

Moroccan food sounds so exotic and it is almost imperative to demystify this cuisine by showing you how simple it is to cook a much elusive tagine. This vegetarian recipe puts the best meat dishes to shame when you taste … Continue reading

Cooker Shredded Chicken Teriyaki

Teriyaki sounds intimidating and misleading. It sounds like something that involves a trip to China. That’s probably why I haven’t tried the recipe yet. However, when I read the beautiful Ali’s recipe on her blog http://www.gimmesomeover.com, I gathered the daredevilry. … Continue reading

Cottage cheese & toasted brown rice salad

This healthy crunchy feast is the greatest comeback for all those who’ve been told that healthy is boring. This is my ‘healthy’ & crunchy response to fried bad asses. My biggest inspiration for cooking healthy is my Son. This one goes out … Continue reading