Warm prawn and leek salad with dipping sauce

I have been dreaming about this. Saw Nigella cook prawns with this dipping sauce and couldn’t rest until I tried my version of it. When you spend an hour of your day watching poached prawns dance in warm salt water and slender julienned leeks … Continue reading

Clearing the clutter

Getting out of town is the surest way of getting back on track. Stronger and more sensible. Mostly anyways. This time when I got back from my French family vacation, I came back wiser. During our short stop at Brussels, I realised that … Continue reading

My letter to a guilty heart.

Most of us spend a considerable amount of time feeling guilty. Feeling guilty that you didn’t say enough, do enough, or maybe you did say too much. Needless to say, this isn’t a happy state of mind. What is the … Continue reading

6 potato dishes you’ve never tried before {potato hummus anyone?}

Potatoes are classic. They look good with everything and never go out of style. Not that they need dressing up, but they do deserve to be experimented with. So here is my list of top 8 ways to make the … Continue reading

Fish cooked in wine (with rocket, tomatoes and capers)

What do fish and meditation have in common? Apparently both are brain food. I knew you wouldn’t really believe me. So check this out ‘meditation increases brain size, the Harvard Gazette’ (you’ll believe them won’t you?). So what sounds more … Continue reading