The key to being found

I see people lost all the time, all around me, at every turn and corner they stand at. For a little while I couldn’t get my head around what was really going wrong for them. To me it looked like … Continue reading

Always wear your invisible crown. Or disappear

Did you ever know that you could watch yourself disappear? This doesn’t even involve a magic trick. It’s just a matter of consistently practising self depreciating behaviour over a period of time. Remember that time when you didn’t even recall … Continue reading

Clearing the clutter

Getting out of town is the surest way of getting back on track. Stronger and more sensible. Mostly anyways. This time when I got back from my French family vacation, I came back wiser. During our short stop at Brussels, I realised that … Continue reading

Positive(ly) thought(less)

Sometimes I hear positive people speak like this. When the World is busy trying to feel positive, maybe we forget that positivity carries with it a sense of arrogance. The arrogance that comes from being ‘good’. And perhaps even a … Continue reading

For days that stink. Lifesavers and fresh basil.

It’s great to be optimistic and live and love each day at a time. But, honestly there are days all of us go through that are so damn hard that we can feel the cramps in our brains. I have … Continue reading

On the art of better living

“In the whisper in a lover’s ear smell of a baby’s head warmth of happy eyes tight embrace on a winter’s day I will feel in silence” *** “My fingers wrapped around a cup of chocolate becoming an extension of … Continue reading